July 12, 2010

Ombuds for Department of Defense Inspector General Posts First Annual Report

Scott M. Deyo, who became the first DoD IG Ombudsman on March 1, 2009, met with 225 employees in the first seven months on the job -- nearly 14% of the 1,600 DoD IG employees worldwide. Most of the contact resulted from a climate assessment survey, which gave Deyo the opportunity to interview individuals about organizational concerns and to introduce the new Ombuds program.

Deyo reports that employees shared concerns shared related to the DoD IG mission, organization, strategic matters, policies, practices, and procedures. The top three major categories of issues dealt with supervisory relationships, mission, and colleague relationships, respectively. In addition to a detailed analysis of employee concerns, Deyo also provides a history of federal dispute resolution and the Ombuds field, and a copy of the DoD IG Ombuds charter. (DoD IG Ombuds Report FY 2009.)

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