July 22, 2010

Reasons Agreements Fall Apart After Workplace Negotiations

Mediator and conflict resolution coach Dr. Tammy Lenski writes Conflict Zen, one of the blogs I read faithfully. In her latest post, she considers why do solutions and agreements fall apart after the organizational conflict appears resolved.

Lenski sees eight reasons agreements fall apart after workplace negotiations seem to have resolved the conflict:
  • It wasn’t really agreement.
  • Agreement-building was hurried.
  • They felt pressured by someone in higher authority.
  • The agreement failed to solve the real problem.
  • It didn’t really meet their most important interests.
  • The not-really-agreed-upon solution didn’t come from those directly involved in the conflict but it sure sounded good at the time.
  • There were stakeholders missing.
  • Something changed.
Ombuds will find her thoughts both provocative and relevant. (Conflict Zen.)

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