July 26, 2010

Tenth ACR Conference Will Highlight Ombuds Issues

The Association for Conflict Resolution's tenth annual conference will include several sessions that Organizational Ombuds will find relevant, including:

  • Building a Conflict Competent Organization Phase II: What Practitioners, Organizations, and the Conflict Resolution Profession Can Learn and Apply in the Workplace (Session 4.13) -- How ConEdison built organizational conflict competence and provided conflict management services with input from the Ombudsman, HR, EEO, Labor Relations, Ethics, Security and Training.
  • Sharing "Trade Secrets": Tips and Techniques from Cross-Section Colleagues for Expanding Your Practice (Session 5.15) -- A panel including Nick Diehl and Calio Azcarte will use the World Café process to explore key practices and tools used by practitioners in one area that might be adapted to enhance the effectiveness of others and how to grow the demand for constructive workplace conflict resolution practices via collaboration across practice areas.
  • Transparency In Action: Surfacing and Resolving Conflicts - The Kaiser Permanente Health Care Ombudsman/Mediator Program (Session 6.12) -- Kaiser Ombuds will present an overview of the HCOM model including a historical perspective, the specific model, conflict resolution strategies, as well as types of cases and key learnings.
  • Managing Your Energy in Mediation: How the Conflict Resolution Practitioner Can Thrive (Session 7.09) -- This interactive, skill building and practice enhancing workshop will highlight critical component of self care helping practitioners manage the personal energy required to perform their work based on the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Ombudsman/Mediator Program.
The ACR conference takes place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, September 1-4, 2010. Priority registration ends August 2. It does not appear that there will be an Ombuds Section meeting as in years past. (ACR 2010 Conf. Info.)

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