July 19, 2010

Growing Business for Workplace Chaplains

Last night, the NBC Nightly News profiled a service more employers are adopting to care for their employees: office chaplains.  "Finding someone to listen – really listen – to your personal concerns is not what most offices are known for but some folks are trying to change that, with chaplains at work." (NBC Nightly News.)

The largest supplier of the service is Marketplace Chaplains, USA, a nonprofit headquartered outside Dallas. According to their website, the service is "voluntary, confidential, neutral from company operating structure, [and] available to ALL employees." The operating principles are based on the U.S. military chaplain program. Marketplace Chaplains currently serves nearly half a millions individuals at 418 companies. The company has recently started expanding its multi-denominational service to companies in Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico and Mexico. (Marketplace Chaplains.)


  1. The solution to the elusive privilege...let's all get ordained.

  2. Yeah, really.

    Can't wait until the legal probs hit the fan...