August 11, 2011

Washington University in St. Louis to Consider Ombuds for Medical School

The top-ranked medical school has been exploring the possibility of creating an Ombuds Office for the past two years. In May 2011, the School of Medicine's Executive Committee of the Faculty Council unanimously approved an Ombuds job description. The proposal--which endorses an Ombuds for faculty, staff and students--will now be sent to the Executive Faculty in September.

A past president of a female faculty group said, "Based on the level of enthusiasm, the perceived need, and universal support from all of the stakeholders, ECFC is cautiously optimistic that an ombuds office can gain approval and go forward perhaps as early as the upcoming fall."  A study completed earlier this year noted that the WUSTL School of Medicine was one of the few schools in its peer group without an Ombuds program. The faculty group also noted the success of the faculty Ombuds program for Washington University's Danforth campus. (WUSTL ECFC Discussion Topic; WUSTL Academic Women’s Network Newsletter.)

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