August 08, 2011

University of North Carolina Wilmington to Offer Course in Ombudsmanship

The fifth campus in the UNC system has added an Ombuds course to its certificate program in Conflict Management and Resolution. The 18-unit graduate, semi-distance program is open to professionals, practitioners and students. Although there are several experience Organizational Ombuds in North Carolina, the instructor's name has not yet been published.

According to the course description:
This module provides basic information and training for the Organizational Ombudsman by emphasizing the principles of confidentiality, neutrality, independence, and informality. The course will enable the Organizational Ombudsman, persons interested in becoming an Ombudsman, or anyone desiring to establish an Organizational Ombudsman function to act with purpose, understanding, and effectiveness when working with the individual and the organization. The course focuses on how the Ombudsman works with the visitor to the office as well as how they act as a change agent within their organization. The course will allow you to practice key Ombudsman skills of listening, asking questions, clarifying, generating options, and negotiation throughout the Ombudsman process.
Recently, UNCW defined and developed a job description for an Ombuds for employee complaints, but the position was not funded due to budget limitations. (UNCW Course Description, CRM Program Brochure, EEOAA Plan.)

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