August 08, 2011

United States Ombudsman Association Opens Registration for 32nd Annual Conference

The national organization for public sector Ombudsmen is accepting registrations for its 2011 meeting in Jacksonville, FL October 24-28, 2011. The conference theme is: "The Ombudsman: The Bridge to Conflict Resolution, Accountability, and Transparency."

Plenary sessions will include:
  • Value-Based Decision-Making: Ensuring Reasonable Process and Outcomes in the Public Sector
  • Social Media: Bridging the Communication Divide
  • USOA Standards: Credible Review Process
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Self-Mastery for Stress Management
Concurrent sessions are:
  • Ombudsman Advocacy Smarts: Avoiding the Pains of Systems Advocacy
  • Generational Characteristics That Impact the Work of the Ombudsman
  • Data Collection as Government Quality Assurance and Ombudsman Accountability
  • Coping in the Hot Seat: Challenges Facing Federal Ombudsmen in High Profile Agencies
  • We Can Dish It Out, But Can We Take It? What Happens When the Ombudsman Is Audited?
  • One Hour to Writing Power
USOA is again be offering a two-day New Ombudsman Training pre-conference workshop and, in partnership with the International Ombudsman Institute, a two-day workshop by the Ontario Ombudsman's Office titled "Sharpening Your Teeth." Priority registration ends September 24. (USOA Conference Registration.)

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