July 17, 2012

IOA Posts “State of the Association” Materials, Seeks Feedback for Strategic Plan

On the first day of the 2012 International Ombudsman Association annual conference, the Board of Directors presented its perspective on the current achievements and challenges facing the Association. The presentation summarized strengths and challenges in the external environment, economic trends, internal finances, leadership, and shared purpose. The Board has now posted the slides and audio file of this presentation.

The plenary session sought feedback from all attendees, but since many Ombuds were unable to attend the conference and/or this session, the Board has created a short survey to provide feedback and input for the Association as it moves forward to meet the needs of the membership and plan for the future. The survey also includes a short section to share your thoughts on IOA’s current mission and vision statements. The Responses will be reviewed along with the information collected at the conference and used by Board as it develops IOA’s next five-year strategic plan. (IOA 2012 State of the Association Materials, Survey.)

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