July 27, 2012

The Difference Between Mediation and Ombuds Work

In her latest blog post at Milestone MMA, Kathy Biala explores the differences and similarities between mediation and the work of an Organizational Ombuds.

Here's an excerpt:

In summary, although mediation and Ombuds work have significant similarities as a dispute resolution alternative to formal legal or grievance processes, there are some critical distinguishing elements to the roles. Organizational Ombuds function always within an organization, albeit independently and impartially, while mediation can be used quite separately from outside an organization. Key areas of differences between Organizational Ombuds work and mediation that include: 1) the definitive Ombuds standard of practice to NOT engage in binding agreements, 2) the role of the Ombuds in providing the organization with systemic recommendations for change, 3) the expectation of Ombuds, when appropriate, to provide referrals to formal resources as needed, and 4) the ability of Ombuds to act on a visitor’s behalf when they choose to remain anonymous.
(Milestone MMA Blog.)

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