July 25, 2012

Hydro-Quebec Ombuds Retires

Justine Sentenne, who served as the Corporate Ombudsman for the world's largest hydroelectric producer since 1991, retired earlier this year. In addition, Sentenne held a number of leadership positions within the Ombuds profession. 

Sentenne was a founding member and Secretary of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman Board of Directors and served two terms on The Ombudsman Association Board of Directors. She was also an active member of IOA, working on committees (Nominations and Elections, and Membership), speaking at conferences and training programs, and writing numerous articles. She was often consulted by organizations in Quebec and throughout in Canada with regard to the Ombuds role. Joëlle Thibault began as the new Ombudsman at Hydro-Quebec on May 1st, 2012. (FCO News; IOA 2008 Conf. Speaker Bio.)

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