July 30, 2012

Ombuds of Texas to Discuss Legal Issues in Profession

The next meeting of the Ombuds of Texas on August 8, 2012 will feature a panel presentation on "Legal Issues in the Ombuds Profession." The speakers will be Sean Banks, Ombuds at Shell Oil; Rita Burns, Ombuds at MD Anderson; and Jo Alene Kirkel, Attorney with the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

Afternoon session will include "Ombuds and Mediation" by Becky Kilgore, Ombuds at Texas Tech University; "Tale of an Ombuds" by Kristie Hirschman, Iowa Citizens' Aide Ombudsman Office and USOA's Director of Conferences and Training; and an OOT business meeting. The meeting will be hosted by the Texas General Land Office in downtown Austin. (OOT Agenda.)

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