August 14, 2012

IOA Representative Keynotes Conference of Brazilian Ombuds

The International Ombudsman Association was invited by the Association of Brazilian Ouvidores/Ombudsmen to participate in its Fifteenth Annual Congress which was held in the city of Vila Velha, in the state of Espiritu Santo on August, 6-8 2012. José Martínez-Aragón delivered the keynote speech on behalf of IOA in which he gave an overview of the role of both Organizational Ombuds and the IOA.

As part of the address, Martínez-Aragón opened up a discussion among participants on possible means of cooperation between Ombuds and Ouvidores.  As one of the IOA aims is to create strategic alliances with other key organizations and professionals involved in the field of dispute resolution, a number of possible initiatives to work together with the ABO were discussed, including training courses; publications; conferences and seminars; events to promote the use of ombudsmen in the Latin American region; mentoring experiences; and certification program. Martínez-Aragón is the United Nations Regional Ombudsman stationed in Santiago, Chile. (ABO Congress Program.)

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