August 13, 2012

NASA Magazine Highlights Role of Ombuds

The latest issue of NASA Academy of  Program/Project & Engineering Leadership's ASK magazine, profiles the agency's Ombudsman Program.  NASA’s ombudsmen are all civil servants who perform the collateral duty of being an agency ombudsman.

The NASA Ombudsman program operates in accordance with the International Ombudsman Association rules and guidelines.  It provides an independent, neutral, confidential, and impartial environment for employees and managers to raise issues and learn what alternatives are available for dealing with them. Every NASA center has at least one ombudsman, and most have two or more.  
The article uses a hypothetical example of how an Ombuds would held an employee with a stressful work situation. 

The article was submitted by two of NASA's Ombuds, Ruth McWilliams and Rex Elliott.  McWilliams has been with NASA for six years, having spent the majority of her government career as an active-duty army officer and army civil servant. At NASA, she’s been a resource manager and mission support council executive secretary, and is now an executive officer. In addition to being one of the Headquarters ombudsmen, Elliott is NASA’s contractor industrial relations officer, the NASA policy person for employee exchanges, and he also performs a number of procurement functions for NASA’s Logistics Division.

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