August 28, 2012

Kenyon College Ombuds Posts Info About Workplace Bullying

Carrie Knell, the Ombudsperson at Kenyon, has updated her website with a new page about workplace bullying. The page covers: What is Workplace Bullying?; Who does a bully target?; Why do bullies bully?; Bullying tactics; What are the Effects?; What to do if you're being bullied; and links to Additional Resources.

For employees seeking advice, Knell says:

Action is the antidote. Once bullying starts it is likely to continue unless something is done to stop it. [¶] Realize that what is occurring is not logical or deserved; you are the target of a bully. Educate yourself on bullying, protect your health, and keep a log of what is happening. Remember, you did not cause this mistreatment. Seek support from family, friends, and therapists who are empathetic and good listeners. Also, contact the Faculty and Staff Ombudsperson to help you confidentially evaluate your options.

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