November 22, 2013

ADRHub Calls for Webinar Proposals

The alternative dispute resolution portal is seeking proposals for its monthly webinar series. The ADRhub webinar series offers a broad range of presentations hosted by industry experts to help keep participants up-to-date on the latest activities, trends, industry practices, and hot topics.  Ombuds have presented at least twice already.

The format is a live virtual presentation on the Internet utilizing a web-based video conference platform. The webinars are 45-60 minutes long. They typically include about 25 minutes of presentation and 25 minutes of Q&A. These presentations are typically accompanied by a powerpoint. Webinars are also archived and available for downloading.

Organizers are looking for presentations on:
  • Mediation 
  • Public Engagement 
  • Conflict Coaching 
  • Restorative Justice 
  • Role of the Ombuds 
  • Community Mediation 
  • Online Dispute Resolution 
  • Facilitation
If you would like to propose a topic related to these examples, or have another relevant topic of interest, please submit your proposal by December 6, 2013. Simply provide: a one paragraph description of your presentation and the months that you would be able to present.  All submissions can be sent to Bryan Hanson, ADRHub's Assistant Director, at bryanhanson[at-sign]creighton[dot]edu, with the title “Webinar Proposal Submission” in the subject box.  (ADRHub.)

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