November 05, 2013

OMV Petrom Shares Results of Ombuds Survey

As part of its effort to create an Organizational Ombuds program, OMV Petrom SA, solicited data from practitioners via an on-line, anonymous survey.  Ninety people completed the survey, which consisted of 24 questions.  The data revealed that more than half of the Ombuds Offices were created because of "employee issues and concerns."  The survey also assessed support among stakeholders and the types of matters handled.  

Although participants were self-selected, the data do give an insight on the practices of the profession.  OMV Petrom is the largest gas and oil producer in Eastern Europe.  It is receiving support for its Ombuds Office from Pacifica Human Communications and Contrast  Management Consulting.  (IOA - OMV Petrom Survey.)

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