November 14, 2013

Journal of IOA Celebrates Work of Pioneers

The latest issue of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association begins a long-proposed task of acknowledging the early leaders of the Organizational Ombuds field. JIOA Editor David Miller writes, "As a profession, we stand on the shoulders of giants [and] there is a debt to be acknowledged - of service, of recognition, of deep appreciation for the unbelievable character, achievements and examples our forebears... It is high time we acknowledged and celebrated their achievements and legacy."

In addition to the lead article, the articles cover a wide range of Ombuds practice and include the winner of the IOA Writing Competition.
  • “Interviews with Pioneers of Higher Education Ombudsmen” by Tom Sebok
  • “Reconsidering the Neutrality and Impartiality Standard: A Multidisciplinary Analysis” [IOA Writing Competition Winner] by Zachary P. Ulrich
  • “A Simple Methodology for Increasing Visibility and Capturing Organizational Ombuds Worth” by Katherine Y. Biala
  • “The Ombudsman and Post Conflict Department Rebuilding” by Katherine Hale and James P. Keen
  • “Financial Costs of Workplace Conflict” by Martin Freres
Miller also announced the appointment of new Associate Editors: Howard Gadlin, Cynthia Joyce, Samantha Levine-Finley, Ennis McCrery and Sandra Morrison.  (JIOA 6:2.)

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