March 06, 2014

Calculating the Return on Investment in an Ombuds

In latest episode of his "Conflict Specialists Show," Dave Hilton interviews John Zinsser, Principal and Co-Founder of Pacifica Human Communications, LLC based in Charleston, SC.  In the 40 minute piece, Zinsser talks about:
  • History and Mission of Pacifica Human Communications;
  • Improving the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Ombuds Program;
  • Contract Ombudsman vs Standard Organizational Ombudsman;
  • Creating an Organizational Ombudsman Office;
  • How Organizations Can Calculate the ROI of an Ombudsman and more.
Hilton's show regularly offers a series of webisodes on dispute resolution, conflict management, mediation, and other related topics, and features interviews with experts and practitioners from around the world. (The interview with Zinsser was number 73!)    (Conflict Specialists Show.)

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