March 12, 2014

Columbia University Appoints Ombuds

After a year-long search, New York Ivy has appointed Joan C. Waters as the University’s Ombuds Officer.  Columbia's president made the announcement in a email to the campus yesterday.

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:

I am pleased to announce that I have appointed Joan C. Waters as the University’s Ombuds Officer.
Since it was established in 1991, the Columbia University Ombuds Office has provided a safe place for all members of our community to discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflicts, academic concerns, and many other problems.  The Ombuds Office operates independently of the University administration and its formal procedures and refrains from taking sides in disputes.  More than 600 Columbians avail themselves of these services each year, and our community is better for it.
We are fortunate that Joan will be assuming the responsibilities of University Ombuds Officer.  Joan’s experience as associate general counsel for the City University of New York has trained her in the full range of law, regulations, and ethical considerations governing universities, their students, and employees.  Joan is an experienced mediator who has employed her skills in dispute resolution on behalf of CUNY, the Westchester County Attorney’s Office, and private clients.  Her personal qualities make her a worthy successor to Columbia’s highly regarded founding Ombuds Officer, Marsha Wagner, who retired in the fall after more than two decades of exemplary service.
Joan will begin her work at the University on March 31, 2014.  Please join me in welcoming University Ombuds Officer Joan C. Waters to the Columbia community and wishing her the best in taking on this important university role.


Lee C. Bollinger

Waters will fill the role vacated by Marsha Wagner, who retired last year after serving as the Ombuds at Columbia since 1991.
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