May 29, 2014

NorthWest Ombuds Group to Host Practice Issues Conversation

The group of Ombuds in the U.S. northwest and Canada's western provinces has will hold a conference call meeting on June 26, 2014.  The topic will be: "How do Ombuds advertise and communicate with our audience?" 

A flier for the event explains there will be several themes and standards to consider:

  • Confidentiality: protecting clients and sharing stories 
  • Neutrality: targeting specific groups, or targeting all audiences equally 
  • Accessibility: creating outreach accessible to various audiences including ESL, Non - dominant culture, etc. 
  • Partnerships and Collaboration: engaging organizations and interdisciplinary resources 
Participants can email questions in advance, join in the conversation, tweet ideas, and follow up with the facilitator afterward.   Contact the UW Ombud for more info.  (NWOG News.)

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