May 15, 2014

CERN Ombuds Considers Effects of Connectivity

In her latest newsletter article for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill urges employees and especially managers to think about the new social norm of 24/7 worldwide connectivity. She observes that, "Unspoken or implicit expectations such as these can make us feel as if being “offline” is a waste of time and unproductive." 

She writes:
We could start by asking ourselves a few simple questions: is this an urgent issue that needs to be dealt with immediately? ... What unspoken expectations do my colleagues have about my availability? [¶] And of course, for those of you who are managers, why not lead by example? Start by questioning some of your own habits with regard to constant connectivity… and then consider launching conversations in your teams in order to clarify your expectations of each other and create a working culture that is at once productive and efficient while remaining respectful of work/life balance.
(CERN Bulletin.)

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