May 29, 2014

Job Posting: Federal Reserve System

The governing board of the US central bank is hiring a Manager Reserve Bank Services Section & Deputy Ombudsman. The position: 1. Provides oversight for the Federal Reserve Directors Program and other operations; and 2. Assists in resolving questions and complaints from supervised institutions and members of the public regarding the Federal Reserve System’s supervisory and regulatory activities.

Applicants must have a JD or master's degree, and be a U.S. citizen.  The position pays $104,100 to $191,300 per year. Applications are due June 5, 2014. (USA Jobs.)


  1. Not sure the link is right.
    When I click I get an announcement that the position is closed.
    But when I go through to the information, the salary range is different.

    John W. Zinsser

  2. Maybe this is a better link?

    John W. Zinsser

    1. I think you're right, John.
      See, people, it pays to read the comments.

  3. I t6ried to apply for this job. I found it frustrating; impossible is a strong word, but I just could not apply. I tried through USAJOBS. Here are some of the difficulties/obstacles I found:
    - There is no way to apply online.
    - There is a section called "how to apply". It says " you must complete the occupational questionnaire and submit the documentation specified in the Required Documents section below". Fine. Where's the questionnaire? Where do you send the documentation? I tried calling the number listed on the ad, many times, for several days: no one answers, no way to leave a message. I sent a message to the email listed: no answer. I called the ombudsman office and spoke to an individual who told me someone would get in touch with me to answer my questions: no one ever called.
    - I went to the "careers at the federal reserve" page. I registered, so I could apply. After I registered, I could no longer find the ad. It isn't listed there.
    - I tried this link:
    It simply wasn't possible to apply. Every attempt led me to a dead end.

    On the USAJOBS ad, where it says "what to expect next:", there is nothing.

    I tried calling their ombudsman office again (Phone
    1-800-337-0429 ), and got the voice mail instead. I encourage everyone to try calling, just to hear what the message calls the office. I believe I heard "omsbudsman's". If I heard it correctly, I must say a little attention to detail wouldn't hurt. Cheeses!