May 05, 2014

Technical Standards and Safety Authority Opens Ombuds Office

On May 1, 2014, TSSA, the non-profit organization that creates and enforces public safety rules in the province of Ontario, Canada established a new Ombudsman program. As TSSA's first Ombuds, Sandra Cooke will, "offer industry and regulated parties an independent and confidential means to engage on all types of issues, including reporting misconduct, without fear of retaliation." 

TSSA employees and regulated entities are entitled to use the survive. The TSSA Ombuds follows IOA Standards of Practice and operates pursuant to a comprehensive Charter endorsed by TSSA's President/CEO.  Cooke reports to the Vice President/General Counsel. 

Cooke has worked for the TSSA since 1999 in a variety of management position.  Most recently, she was TSSA's Manager of Compliance and the internal Ombudsman, a role established last July. She is an Ontario Professional Engineer, with both a Master and Bachelor of Applied Science degrees from the University of Toronto. (TSSA Ombuds.)

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