May 09, 2014

Task Force Recommends Broader Use of Ombuds by REALTORS

An advisory group appointed by the National Association of REALTORS to come up with long-term strategic plans has endorsed Ombuds programs for its 1,600 local associations.

In a report issued this week, the advisory group said that existing processes for both Realtor vs. Realtor and Consumer vs. Realtor complaints takes too long. According to the report, the solution is one of three options for local associations: mediation programs; Ombudsman programs; or a citation policy. Although not acknowledged in the report, many local REALTOR associations have already adopted Ombuds programs. Moreover, the National Association of Ombuds program is based largely on the IOA Standards. A response to the report has not been made public. (Report of the Organizational Alignment Presidential Advisory Group.)

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