May 01, 2014

PAADS Athlete Development Summit to Feature Ombuds

Joshua Gordon and John Zinsser will speak at the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists annual conference on May 2, 2014 at the MLB headquarters in New York. Their program, "Evolution of Athlete Development: The Power of Ombuds in Sport" will explain how an Ombuds can help athletes, teams, and organizations. 

The annual PAADS summit attracts leaders in athlete development from major sports organizations and provides an opportunity to share best practices and ideas in athlete development.

Gordon founded the Sports Conflict Institute after previously directing the Competition Not Conflict project at the University of Oregon School of Law Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center. Zinsser, a long-time Ombuds consultant and co-founder of Pacifica Human Communications, LLC, has recently joined the Sports Conflict Institute as a Senior Practitioner.  (PAADS Summit; SCI Blog.)

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  1. Here is our actual title:

    From the front page to the mundane: how an organizational ombuds can help athletes, teams, and organizations

    Great to be talking to a new audience. From PSU to Miami Dolphins to Donald Sterling seems there is a lot of opportunity for Ombuds in the sports realm.

    John W. Zinsser
    Co-founder & Principal, Pacifica Human Communcations, LLC.
    Faculty - Ombudsing, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program, Columbia University

    1. Here's the video: