August 26, 2014

Job Posting (RFP): North Carolina State University

The public research university in Raleigh has issued a request for proposals for an Ombudsman Service. According to the RFP, "NC State seeks to provide its faculty members with a confidential and independent resource for discussion of workplace questions, issues, concerns, conflicts, or disputes." 

The one-year contract would cover 2015 and may be extended up to four additional years. The contract awardee will establish a full-time program, including an independent website, in compliance with IOA standards. Proposals are due at 2:00 pm on September 17, 2014. (NCSU Ombuds RFP.) 

This would be the first Faculty Ombuds for NC State. The university did have an Ombuds for staff, but the program seems moribund.

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