August 20, 2014

South African HR Conference Spotlights Ombuds

Earlier this week, Flourish!, the inaugural annual conference of the South African Organisational Development Network included a session about Organizational Ombuds. Mervyn Malamed, a business consultant with Positive Conflict Management gave a plenary session: "The Organisational Ombud - not the Classic Ombud!"

The conference summary explained:
Mervyn and his colleagues from the international Organisational Ombud community will build an understanding of how well-managed conflict within an organisation can save money, increase motivation, prevent bad publicity, attract top talent, reduce staff turnover, generate creativity, and ultimately increase profits. The model that they will share with us has been tested and embraced in organisations such as Mars, NASA, Coca-Cola Company, American Express and McKinsey & Company. The workshop will examine the reliance on formal dispute settlement, and explore the emerging practice of informal conflict management systems that include ‘conflict conversations’, peer mediation, managerial mediation and particularly the opportunities provided by an Organisational Ombud’s office.

Malamed attended the most recent IOA conference and has been seeking collaboration opportunities in Soth Africa.

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