August 13, 2014

'Workplace Advisors' Serve as Staff Ombuds for Bucknell University

Earlier this year, the large, private, liberal arts university unveiled its Workplace Advisor Program for staff with issues of concern.  The eight current Workplace Advisors are full-time Bucknell employees who provide a neutral or objective assistance. University employees self-select an Advisor and contact them directly.  An administrator for the program is not identified.

The Workplace Advisors, "follow the Ethics and Confidentiality Policy established by The Ombudsman Association" (with a link to an archive of the TOA website hosted by MIT). Nonetheless and despite stating that, "the importance of confidentiality cannot be stressed enough," Workplace Advisors are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct or violence. Moreover, another Bucknell page explaining the Clery Act states that the "Ombuds Office" is a designated Campus Security Authority. (Bucknell Workplace Advisors, Campus Security Authorities.)

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