August 06, 2014

Update: Kennesaw Says Ombuds Office Not Being Phased Out

In response to a post earlier this week, Kennesaw State University's Faculty Executive Assistant to the President, Maureen McCarthy says that the Ombuds Office will not be closed:

The Ombuds function is not being ended, and it is not going away. Rather, it is being reorganized, and will remain a vital part of KSU. 
Although the details of the reorganization are still being worked out, based on an analysis of the past workload and future needs of KSU, the aim of the reorganization is to have a more effective Ombuds function that can serve a university that, after it consolidates with Southern Polytechnic State University, will have two campuses with over 31,000 students. 
Again, to correct the inaccurate information that is being disseminated, there will be an Ombuds function at KSU, and it will be a fully operational unit. It will, however, be organized differently than it has been in the past because of the changes that are taking place at KSU. 
More details are expected in the next few weeks.  McCarthy is also a member of the KSU/SPSU Consolidation Committee.

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