February 26, 2016

Academy of Management Creates Ombuds Program

The professional association for scholars of management and organizations has appointed an Ethics Ombuds Committee to assist its 20,000 members with "issues related to professional ethical conduct occurring within the Academy’s domain." The Ethics Ombuds Committee practices to IOA standards and was announced in October 2015. 

The committee is comprised of: Nancy E. Day, the Faculty Ombuds and Associate Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City; Greg Stephens, an Associate Professor of Management and Trainer / Mediator / Facilitator at Texas Christian University; and Mary Sue Love, is a Faculty Ombuds and Associate Professor in the School of Business at Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville. (Academy News; AM Ethicist Blog.)

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  1. And, Greg published our first entry in The Ethicist Blog http://ethicist.aom.org/2016/02/when-should-you-contact-an-aom-ombuds/