February 03, 2016

IOA Compiles Title IX Resources

The International Ombudsman Association's Title IX Committee has pulled together materials for Ombuds at U.S. colleges and universities seeking guidance on the evolving legal issues around sexual misconduct.  The materials are generally not produced or written by IOA, but permission has been granted to share them with members. 
The materials are organized into the following topics:
                Government Guidance Documents
                IOA Resources
                News Articles
                Ombuds Charters
-         Sample Documents from Universities That Do Not Have an Official Charter
-         Sample Documents from Universities That Do Not Have Title IX or Clery Act Exemptions
-         What Ombuds Do
-         Other Charters
                Ombuds Confidentiality
                Reports on Sexual Assault
                Title IX

Unfortunately, the materials are behind IOA's paywall and are available to members only.  (IOA Sexual Misconduct Resources.)

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1 comment:

  1. If IOA wants to help U.S. colleges and universities make the right decision, these materials should be available to the public. This way administrators, HR, and others can understand the role and why, for example, it is a disasterous mistake and conflict of everyone's interests to combine the ombuds and Title IX coordinator roles together.