February 02, 2016

Responding to Rape Allegations, Baylor University Promises Ombuds for Athletes

Multiple women have come forward claiming that the private Baptist university in Waco, Texas failed to respond appropriately to complaints of rape by a football player. According to a published report, one female student "reported the assault to Baylor's ombudsman office and were sent to meet with the school's chief judicial officer." A spokesperson for the school announced on Monday that an investigation is on-going and that Ombuds will be created for the athletic department.

The school currently has a Student Ombuds and Faculty Ombuds. The website for the Student Ombuds at Baylor clearly outlines her confidentiality and does not include an exception for cases of sexual misconduct. Moreover, a set of FAQ's about sexual assault states that the Student Ombuds is available to walk people through the reporting process. (ESPN; Austin American-Statesman; Baylor Student Ombuds, Sexual Assault FAQ's.)

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