May 31, 2016

Ombuds Training to be Offered in Orange County

The International Ombudsman Association will offer two training programs for Organizational Ombuds in the seaside town of Newport Beach, CA on July 11-14.  

Three-Day Course
July 11-13

Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice 

This course benefits the recently appointed ombudsman, individuals interested in becoming an ombudsman or anyone desiring to establish an ombudsman function in industry, government, higher education, and public or private social services agencies. 

Faculty: Wayne Blair, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Donna Louden, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; and Tom Kosakowski, University of California, Los Angeles.

One-Day Course
July 14

Coaching Strategies for Your Ombuds Practice

Ombuds use some form of coaching at all stages of the Ombuds Process. This one-day course will define how coaching can be applied within the IOA Standards of Practice parameters and how it is different than counseling or development coaching. We will explore basic knowledge systems (power dynamics, human behavior, decision making processes, change theory etc.) that are good foundations for effective coaching and apply them in case studies. The course will also provide tools to use with your visitors to help them communicate more effectively and cope with stresses of the workplace. You will have an opportunity to use coaching strategies of Mapping, What Ifs, Use of Metaphors, and Seeing Things from Multiple Perspectives.

Faculty: Wendy Friede, CO-OP, Principal of Friede Consulting.
The training will take place at the Fairmont Newport Beach. (IOA Training Info.)

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