May 05, 2016

ACR 2016 Conference Includes Ombuds Workshop

The Association for Conflict Resolution has posted an agenda for its 2016 Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD on September 28-October 1. Continuing a trend over the past several years, the program includes several sessions by or about Ombuds. New this year is a one-day workshop for the Ombuds Section and details are forthcoming.

Speakers at the 2016 ACR conference are expected to include:

  • Carole Houk, CEO of chiResolutions, LLC, who worked on the 2001 GAO Report on Human Capital: The Role of Ombudsmen in Dispute Resolution and developed the Medical Ombudsman/Mediator Program at 29 Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers and throughout DOD Medicine;
  • Ed Modell, an Executive and Leadership Coach, who served as the Ombudsman for the State of Maryland Judiciary Department;
  • Lauren Marx, the Deputy Program Manager at chiResolutions, LLC, who interned in the American Red Cross’s Office of the Corporate Ombudsman and wrote an article on Virtual Teams for the Journal of IOA;
  • Marjorie Munroe, who provides Ombuds services through her consulting company, the Workplace Fairness Ombudsman Office;
  • Michelle Phaneuf, who is an Ombuds with the National Energy Board in Calgary;
  • Rita Callahan, who was an an Ombuds at the University of California, Davis; and
  • Sarah Miller Espinosa, who is the Ombuds at Montgomery College in Maryland.

Registration is now open.  (ACR 2016 Conf. Info.)

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