May 20, 2016

West Virginia University Names First Ombuds

After a regional search, WVU has appointed Tom Patrick, a long-time law professor and trained mediator, as its first Faculty Ombudsman. WVU Provost Joyce McConnell said, “Tom stood out by virtue of both his experience with the ombudsman role and his passion for the work of an ombudsman.”
The Provost also said that Patrick, “truly understands the value that this role—and the office—can bring to our campus in terms of helping faculty navigate what can be a complex and daunting system.” Patrick will report to the Provost and practice to IOA standards.   

Patrick has been a member of the faculty at the WVU College of Law for 23 years and has taught legal research and writing, appellate advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, interviewing, counseling, negotiation, and mediation. He was recognized by the West Virginia State Bar in 2002 for, “Outstanding Leadership and Dedication to ADR in West Virginia.”  He graduated from Glenville State College, earned MA's in Counseling and English from WVU, and a JD from WVU College of Law. (WVU Today; WVU Faculty Profile.)

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