June 06, 2016

2016 New York ACR Conference to Feature Ombuds

The 2016 ACR-GNY Annual Conference will include a session on Ombuds. The one-day conference is set for June 16 at Cardozo Law School and is expected to draw over 200 conflict resolution professionals.

Here are the details:
What is an Ombuds, and is it the Future of ADR?
Presenters: Rita Callahan, Associate Ombuds, University of CA San Francisco; Timothy P. Shore, Vice President and Chief Ombudsman, CO-OP®, Office of the Ombudsman, Pfizer Inc.; Joan Waters, University Ombuds Officer, Columbia University; James Hurst, Agency Staff Attorney, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs; Nancy Deering, Newark Public Schools and IOA

Program Description: Explore the impact of the ombuds role in advancing conflict resolution and ADR. Learn the history of ombuds, different types of ombuds, what an ombuds does, how an organizational ombuds functions, and the impact on the field. How does one become an ombuds? Is there a synergy between an ombuds and other conflict resolution practitioners?
Hear from different type of ombuds who practice in different arenas, and their path to being an ombuds. What are the qualifications of an ombuds? Is an ombuds role the ADR and conflict resolution answer for many organizations? Hear different views about the future of ombudsing and the future of ADR.
(ACR-GNY Conf Info.)

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