June 17, 2016

Job Posting: Texas Department of Public Safety

The Texas state agency responsible for law enforcement and vehicle regulation is hiring a full-time Deputy Dispute Resolution Officer--a very Ombuds-like job.  Based in Austin, the position is responsible for "assisting individuals and groups in the agency to explore and determine options to help resolve conflict [and may] bring systemic concerns to the attention of executive management."

Applicants must have at least a relevant undergraduate degree or 60 hours of ADR or equivalent combination, and two years of Ombuds or related ADR experience.    experience and in a relevant field, two years of professional experience; mediation certification; and some regulatory and conflict resolution knowledge. Up to 25% travel is required.  The position pays $93,405- $117,397 per year.  Applications are due June 27, 2016.  (Texas DPS Jobs, Job ID: 1457043.)

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