August 11, 2016

Earthjustice Seeks Bids for Ombuds Program

The non-profit public interest law organization headquartered in San Francisco is seeking proposals for a new Ombuds program. The program would serve over 200 staff members in California and eight other regional offices for a six-month trial starting on or about September 26, 2016. The Request for Proposals specifically seeks an IOA-compliant program. The service can be provided from a remote location with monthly reports to the organization's president. 

Applicants must be CO-OP members. Compensation shall be $75,000 plus authorized expenses. Bids are due August 31, 2016. (Earthjustice RFP.)


  1. "Applicants must be CO-OP members." SMH: there are sooooo many highly qualified OO's that don't see the need to become certified. Crazy that they can't apply for this job.
    -Angry Ombuds

  2. I am at least two years away from meeting CO-OP requirements but I am still throwing my hat in the ring. It is important to show organizations that CO-OP or not, I am desirable and competent the way I am.

  3. Yet another exmple of limiting the pool of candidates to "CO-OP", that is, those who already have experience. Great will be the day when IOA really, really takes initiative to promote the notion that candidates don't actually need CO-OP certification, nor do they actually need prior ombuds experience! After all, we landed on the moon without having done it before.... Yet it seems that CO-OP is happy to maintain its exclusive club......

    1. This is a private organization who is choosing to build their new program using a certified ombudsman. This actually lends support to the notion that certification is valuable.

  4. As Ombuds we go to great lengths, or should, to obtain the training, knowledge and skills necessary to effectively assist our visitors. Other than the experience requirement, becoming CO-OP certified is one of the more simple things on that list. I completely agree that being CO-OP certified is not necessary to being an effective Ombuds. But if it is clear that some organizations are requiring it, why not take the relatively simple step to become certified? I also agree that an Ombuds does not have to have Ombuds experience to be an excellent Ombuds. However, some organizations require that for internal reasons. It is not necessarily a requirement coming from the Ombuds Office.

  5. More credentials are always better than fewer credentials.
    If you can't even be bothered with something as simple as CO-OP to demonstrate a minimum standard, well, that is on you.
    Do you want your doctor, dentist, accountant, even hairdresser to have a license?? Of course you do. Good for this organization for wanting a minimum Ombuds standard!