October 14, 2016

Job Posting: Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior's Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution is hiring a Program in Specialist Washington, DC. The position reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology, Information, and Business Services and provides a range of ADR services. 

As the CORE PLUS Coaching Lead, the incumbent:
  • ensures coaching resources are available for DOI bureaus and offices and ensures quality control of coaching resources ; tracks use of coaching processes within DOI. Serves as DOI representative to the Federal Coaching Initiative and as a mentor coach for the Federal Coaching Initiative;
  • reviews and researches publications, policies, guidance material, and operating procedures on management of coaching programs and develops or revises DOI policies, guidance and procedures to ensure efficient operation of DOI’s coaching program;
  • assists the Director of CADR to ensure easy and timely access to qualified coaching options for employees throughout DOI. Explores and suggests ways to integrate Coaching principles and processes into other collaborative and conflict management processes within the Department, including in Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution (ECCR) cases and processes involving Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities;
  • coordinates case management with CORE PLUS neutrals, Organization Ombuds and CADR as necessary;
  • maintains confidentiality consistent with Coaching principles and standards and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (ADRA) and DOI policy.
Some travel is required. The GS-14 position pays 108,887-$141,555 and applications are due by October 19, 2016.  (Federal Government Jobs.)
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  1. This is for status candidates only, meaning you must already be a non temporary government employee. Pretty limiting.

  2. I am really fed up with our government refusing to consider experienced candidates in favor of absolutely any government employee. It should never happen.