October 03, 2016

Job Posting: National Institutes of Health

The NIH Office of the Ombudsman is seeking experienced applicants for Associate and Contract positions.  

Here are the full details provided by the NIH Ombuds Office:

The NIH Office of the Ombudsman is seeking experienced Ombudsmen to learn from others and share expertise facilitating the constructive engagement and resolution of workplace and scientific disputes. 
We work in a collegial, creative and experienced environment grounded in theory, informed by practice, and open to different perspectives. If this interests you, please consider this opportunity.
About Us: We are a primary resource for managing conflict, fostering organizational communication and collaboration, and providing organization-wide systemic feedback. We facilitate the effective resolution and prevention of highly complex and often high-level workplace issues and conflicts. Areas of work include authorship, scientific research integrity, performance, communication, equity of treatment, harassment, and other supervisory and peer relationship issues. We work with senior leadership, scientific and clinical researchers, administrative and support staff, fellows, and a wage and contract workforce, and serve approximately 23,000 individuals located primarily in the Bethesda, Maryland area.
Duration: Details and contracts up to six months are available, with the possibility of renewal. Detailees return to their originating agency and position following any detail.
Location: Individuals will work with ombudsmen colleagues at the NIH Office of the Ombudsman on the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD. Occasional local travel in Bethesda may be required.
Compensation: Details are available to those individuals currently employed by the U.S. government, and are reimbursable at the same grade occupied at the GS-12, 13 or 14 level. Contract positions will be compensated within this grade range based upon experience.
Ombudsman Activities: We engage in initial inquiry, coaching, information and referral, facilitated conversations/mediation, and group-work design and facilitation, to create the conditions necessary for discussion, constructive disagreement and resolution of workplace disputes. We analyze systemic issues to provide feedback and make recommendations to senior leadership for organizational improvement. We also design and lead workshops, seminars, and presentations.
Education and Experience: Candidates must be experienced internal-facing organizational ombudsmen and possess a graduate degree in the social sciences, psychology, law, or conflict analysis and resolution.
Additional Information: Our practice is consistent with the standards of the International Ombudsman Association: independence, impartiality, confidentiality and informality. Individuals will be required to adhere to these IOA standards and maintain visitor confidentiality during and after the conclusion of the opportunity. Please see ombudsman.nih.gov for more information about our office.
Application and Questions: Please send your resume and a cover letter expressing your interest to the Acting Director, J. Kathleen Moore, at ombudsman@nih.gov by Monday, October 17, 2016. It is helpful to have prior approval by your supervisor before applying for a detail. We will review applications and ask select candidates to participate in an interview and submit a writing sample. You may contact Kathleen with any questions at kathleen.moore@nih.gov, (301) 594-7231.

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