May 01, 2018

Ombuds Program at Colorado State University Uncertain

Lanai Greenhalgh, who led the CSU Ombuds program since 2009 has announced that she is leaving this week to be with family out of state. Diana Prieto, associate vice president for human capital said, “She has been a key player in all the consult teams across campus, and she will be sorely missed.” Greenhalgh has also been the director of the campus Employee Assistance Program.

Greenhalgh acknowledged that her departure will services for employees. However, Kathy Rickard will continue as the quarter-time Faculty Ombuds. Administrators are discussions, but there are no plans to continue the Ombuds program for staff. (CSU Source.)

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  1. With all due respect to Lanai Greenhalgh, she did not establish the Ombuds program at CSU in 2009. Prior to her serving in the Ombuds capacity, William E. King (1994 - 2003) and Gil Gutierrez (1990 - 1993), respectively, served as University Ombudsmen for Colorado State University.

    William E. King, CO-OP
    University Ombudsperson
    Virginia Commonwealth University

    1. My apologies for the oversight. In 1993, Gil Gutierrez was hit and killed by a drunk driver. A committee of faculty, staff, and students at CSU established the Cinco Cinco 5-K Fun Run in honor of Gil's contributions as an Ombuds at CSU. The race had a ten year run. William King followed Gutierrez as the Ombuds at CSU.

  2. Barbara Beatty, M.D.R.5/04/2018 2:54 PM

    I hope Colorado State University will retain the ombuds program for staff as well as faculty. I have found my visitors are about 50% exempt and classified staff and 50% faculty where I have served. Staff need the confidential, safe place as much as faculty and the Ombuds service only help to strengthen the university. While we all know dynamic and important people that have served their university's well and may leave a temporary hole when initially gone, we also know that new ombuds who are a good fit with their organizations have the skills to come in, develop relationships and bring "new blood" to the services they provide. More and more colleges and universities recognize the importance of the services ombuds provide and are adding ombuds, not eliminating them. CSU might want to consult with the Colorado Ombuds Group (COG) to discuss ideas for restructuring the Office to keep it running. Contact: Elizabeth Schwartz Hill

    Barbara Beatty, M.D.R
    University Ombuds
    Metropolitan State University

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