May 22, 2018

Job Posting: National Reconnaissance Office

The U.S. Department of Defense agency and one of the "big five" U.S. intelligence agencies is hiring an Assistant Ombuds. Located in the NRO Office of the Ombuds and Grievance Officer, the position serves as an impartial, neutral, independent and confidential channel for informal conflict transformation. The job is based in Chantilly, VA and some travel is required.

Some duties are outside the IOA standards: "Interviews personal involved in a grievance to include Subject Matter Experts, the research and analysis of processes and/or procedures being grieved, producing formal draft reports for the Ombuds review and release, and briefing the results to the involved parties." Applicants must be a U.S. citizen and pass a background check. The position pays $96,970 to $126,062 per year and applications are due by June 4, 2018. (USA Jobs.)

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  1. Any program that strays so significantly from core standards is not an Ombudsman program and should not be using this title. This mix of roles confuses the people they’re serving, and could actually create a legal risk for the organization. Moreover, the program does not align with the vast majority of other programs named Ombudsman. This reflects poorly on NRO’s senior leadership for allowing a deficient program to continue outside of well established professional standards.

  2. Totally agree with all of above comment. What is IOA leadership doing to point this out to NRO? We cannot sit and watch institutions call whatever they want an Ombudsman Program.

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