May 01, 2018

Pfizer Ombuds Ready to Address #MeToo Claims

Last month, Pfizer Ombudsman Timothy Shore recorded a podcast for Jackson Lewis, the American workplace law firm, and participated on a panel for the firm's conference. Shore explained how Ombuds help solve some of the issues around harassment claims in the wake of the #MeToo movement. 

With everything that’s going on out there, companies are looking for new and novel ways of dealing with these kinds of issues. But, again, I don’t want to say that it’s limited just to those types of issues. It can be any workplace issue that somebody’s struggling with, but in this environment with everything that we see in the news, I think companies are out there just kind of looking for better ways to deal with their employees, and this is one of those ways.
A summary of Shore's comments are available online. (Chief Executive.)

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  1. Great publicity for corporate org. ombuds! Thank you to Tim Shore for "sticking his neck out" like this and raising the question of why only 13% of companies have an OO. The field needs more proactive marketing by existing corporate OO's, since they are likely the best suited (by far) to make the case for OO programs for other corporations, which is easily the biggest growth opportunity for OO's. Thank you Tim and thank you Pfizer!