June 06, 2018

Fairfax County Public Schools Hires First Ombuds

Armando Peri has been named the first Family and Student Ombudsman for the public school system in northern Virginia. Inexplicably and despite the original job posting, Peri has also been given the role of Title IX Coordinator. Somehow, the school system will need to resolve his conflicting mandates of "an independent, confidential resource, assisting students, families, and community members" (as Ombuds) and implementing "meaningful efforts to comply with Title IX." 

Peri has been a school psychologist, educational specialist, and, most recently, as elementary school principal. He was selected for the Accelerated Certification Cohort through LEAD Fairfax and George Mason University, then was appointed assistant principal at Parklawn Elementary School and later assistant principal at Irving Middle School. Peri gradauted from Saint Charles Seminary, and earned a PsyS in school psychology, and an MA in developmental psychology from Gallaudet University. (FCPS News.)

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