June 29, 2018

Karolinska Institutet Names Ombuds for Scientists

The world-class medical university in Stockholm, Sweden has appointed Anders Ekbom as its first Scientific Ombuds (vetenskapligt ombud) and chair of a new Ethics Council. According to a blog post by KI’s Rektor, Ekbom will be tasked with offering advice and guidance to individual researchers or research groups on issues relating to research and researcher ethics -- such as disagreement about authorship of a scientific article. There are now more than a dozen Ombuds in Swedish higher education. The Scientific Ombuds role at Karolinska is similar to those that have become common at German universities.

Ekbom is a Professor of Epidemiology, having joined the faculty in 1997. Since January 2017, he also served as Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Ekbom completed his medical studies and doctorate in surgery at Uppsala University. He has also served on the editorial boards of several scientific journals and is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Swedish Society of Medicine’s Jubilee Prize and Karolinska Institutet’s large silver medal. (KI President's Blog.)

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