June 30, 2020

FOIA Request Reveals Ombuds Feedback About Ole Miss Confederate Monument

On June 18, 2020, the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning voted to remove a Confederate monument from the University of Mississippi campus. The decision followed years of outcry from students, faculty and others. This week an Ole Miss professor posted emails from the University Ombuds, Paul Caffera, conveying feedback from visitors to the Ombuds Office. The emails were obtained through a public records act request and posted on Twitter by James M. Thomas.

According to emails from March 2019, Caffera, collected feedback from 115 faculty and staff and, "Everyone of them wants the monument moved." In another email, Caffera provides two pages of visitor comments on the monument. Caffera has not commented publicly on issue. (Twitter @Insurgent_Prof; Clarion Ledger.)

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