June 30, 2020

Job Posting: Global Water Partnership

The intergovernmental organization based in Stockholm, is hiring its first Ombudsperson/Mediation Specialist. The position will, "offer informal services for resolving potential disputes/conflicts arising between GWPO as an employer and GWPO’s staff, as well as between GWPO staff." In addition to employment applications, GWPO will consider proposals from consulting firms. Geographical proximity to Stockholm is preferred and services will be provided as needed.

Applicants must have: 10 years work experience in mediation and conflict resolution for international organisations; a related university degree or an equivalent combination of education and professional experience; and ADR training. Mediation, ADR, or Ombuds certification and/or membership an are preferred. Applications and proposals are due by July 28, 2020. No compensation indicated. (ReliefWeb; GWPO Tender Invitation.)

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