November 04, 2020

Independent Coalition Campaigns to Restore Dartmouth Ombuds

An independent group of students and employees has launched a petition to reinstate the Ombuds Office at Dartmouth College. The leadership of the group is identified and it is not clear whether the current effort is related to an advocacy group, “Dartmouth Community Against Gender Harassment and Sexual Violence,” that made sought restoration of the Ombuds as part of a broader set of demands in January 2019. The current petition is supported by a white paper that details the history of the Dartmouth Ombuds, an explanation of why the current resources are insufficient, a value proposition, and policies and structure for an Ombuds office.

Dartmouth had a part-time Ombudsperson, Sean Nolon, from 2015 to 2017. Nolon had worked only with non-union faculty and staff, but not students. After Nolon left, the college initially sought to refill the position after Nolon left, but after a lengthy search, the position was left vacant.  The college has not yet responded to the group's demands. (Open Letter to President Hanlon for Reinstatement and Restructuring of Ombuds Office at Dartmouth College; Reinstatement and Restructuring of Ombuds Office Proposal for Dartmouth College; via Twitter Dartmouth GSC.)

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