February 29, 2024

IOC Introduces Anti-Doping Ombuds to Olympic Athletes

Athlete365, the official community for Olympians, Paralympians & other elite athletes, recently introduced Anna Thorstenson, the World Anti-Doping Agencys inaugural Athletes’ Anti-Doping Ombuds. She explained that she hope to help athletes understand and navigate the complex anti-doping system rules. Thorstenson said, "The basic idea behind the Athletes’ Anti-Doping Ombuds is to provide athletes with assistance in anti-doping proceedings. The service is cost-free, confidential, impartial and independent from Anti-Doping Organisations and other sporting federations." She emphasized that, as the Ombuds, she is independent of WADA (which is also independent from the International Olympic Committee). Since the WADA Ombuds website went online in September 2023, Thorstenson has received about 60 different inquiries from athletes in 27 different countries. (Athlete365 News.) 

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