February 12, 2024

Job Posting: Salesforce

The American cloud-based software company is hiring an Employee Relations Director to serve as its first Ombudsperson. (Salesforce posted an equivalent position in May 2022 and it is unclear what happened to that search.) The company's first full-time Ombuds will report to the Vice President of Global Employee Relations and cover the company's operations in the Americas. The position "will provide safe spaces for employees to share feedback and concerns,... provide mentorship to executive leadership, build playbooks crafted to address specific employee -company situations / scenarios, and build a framework for the Ombudsperson function."
Salesforce is seeking an experienced professional Ombuds. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and at least ten years of experience as an Ombuds, Labor Relations or HR business partner. No salary or closing date indicated. (Salesforce Posting.)

Salesforce is the 18th largest tech company by market cap, far larger than the other two tech companies with recent Ombuds programs, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. The position is no longer posted. Not sure if it closed or was deleted.

    1. Thanks for the update. I'm confused about this, too.

  2. Likely had an internal, pre-defined candidate and posted only for the minimum time to comply with hiring regulations.